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He: Let's make our community a better place!

She: OK, how?


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We are a community-based organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place, with this simple instrument that reminds us whenever we forget... to Be Here Now. Infinity is in a moment. The moment is Now! It's here now, are you? It's time to steal back time.

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Discover our library of lost and found k[now]lege, h[om]e of the lucid interval... Join our group on Facebook: The Lucid Interval.

Location: a roundtable in a library 

Two librarians (re/ferred to as he and she) are exploring the subject of "the lucid Interval". discussing how to best share a certain ancient artifact in the library’s collection of lost and found k[now]ledge. This roundtable hosts the endless conversation originally inspired by a certain conversation one of the librarians had with a French curator in Paris in 2002...

The Lucid Interval

Press Release


“Stay Timeless™,” 325 Broome Street

Lucien Terras Inc., New York
November 19, 2014 – January 31st, 2015

Open Thursday – Sunday 12pm – 6pm. The artist will be present on Sundays. 

Lucien Terras Inc. is pleased to present an ongoing installation by Greg Shephard at our office located at 325 Broome Street. 

In 1992, Greg Shephard began an ongoing series of collaborations called the “Freespace 4D Trilogy,” which includes friends, artists and performers such as Sophie Calle, Yves Musard, Howard Schwartzberg, Yutaka Sone and Masami Tomihisa. Role-playing is a significant part of these interactions and resulted in the birth and evolution of George Mercurious, aka Greg Shephard.  In the words of George Mercurious, “The Earth is not flat and neither is time.”

“Stay Timeless™,” which functions as the installation’s title and as a brand, is a work in progress that “establishes and maintains an environment where art, time and mythology meet through an expanding language of surfaces, all while exploring what it is to Stay Timeless™ [in 4D].™”

A central component of the installation is the Stay Timeless™ clocks, which consist of a convex mirrored surface and a single second hand. In these works, Shephard does away with the clock’s utility and instead displays that “the time is always now.” Shephard has transformed the environment of our small storefront office space by painting the floor white and building units in the space using white wainscot paneling accented with green felt. Throughout the course of his installation, objects, ephemera, and photographs are displayed and rotated within this framework, evoking the larger narrative of the work and his life.

Greg Shephard lives and works in Nantucket, MA.  His collaborative film with Sophie Calle (Double Blind / No Sex Last Night, 1992) has been screened in film festivals and museums to this date.

Stay Timeless

Stay Timeless Clocks


inspired by NANTUCKET PROJECT 2016 Challenge " WHO will take down the
next wall, with the next big idea"?

these images are collages deconstructing  elements of the original
poster with yin yang  and blind spot elements ...


Taking down the wall between man and nature time-wise [in 4D]

NOW clocks

Time is a gate...


The time is NOW...


NOW is the time..

"And so, I have received my NOW clock. It is the first product that issues forth from the loins of a project that is very dear to my heart, and 20 years in the making. A project with which my life has been intertwined for 27 years. 

It is a raised, mirrored surface with a sweeping second hand. Because you are here. Now. Where else would you be? 

No numbers, no tick tock, no lines. Just you, 360 degrees all around you, and a sweeping second hand! So if you're wondering where I have been, I've been here. Now. Stay tuned. Like it?"

What's the Big Idea?

inspired by NANTUCKET PROJECT 2016 Challenge " WHO will take down the
next wall, with the next big idea"?

these images are collages deconstructing  elements of the original
poster with yin yang  and blind spot elements ...


George Mercurious Making a Blind Spot Clock

Blind Spot Clocks

Freespace for Expression and Observation

Stay Timeless Store

Cottage Clock


Stay Timeless Watch


Stay Timeless Clocks

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The trail begins...

Tale of the Green Felt Trail

Let's Follow George Mercurious...

The Green Felt Trail

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[in 4D]

Citizen 4D

Free Space 4D


Space, like time is an illusion...but it should be free! And there is more time and space than we could ever imagine...

Origins of Freespace 4D

Before re-creating yourself...


we are leaving an era of us vs them replacing that with more we less me....
natural caused effect from simply being y[our]NoW self....

The critical path



​he) Life's first love for me was actually a prophetic dream I had when I was a little lad. For 40-odd years since then, Life told me in no uncertain terms to take off my dream glasses and see what's in front of me... Not to l[oo]k elsewhere for the pr[om]ised land. Then, with the help of a timeless friend, I started seeing my dream again! Through this frame she made, I saw my way through to my childhood dream coming true...

Island Time


Acting Curator

George Mercurious

New Street


Everything is NOW on NEW Street

NEW Street

Let's Put the Zen back in Citizen...

Calling All 4D Citizens


Come One Come All fr[om [around the world...

 to YOU at the intersection where WE r [it] 

However one ch[oo]ses to express [it] inwards in words holding
s[om]ething deeper than surface meaning... 

Reaching again and again to the imaginary intersection where mind and he[art] meet

In the free open space 

We are layering in virtual place 

As the urgency is  N.O.W. to fight fire with deeply intense co-creative powers. 

Only this brand of alchemy can continue making True Innovation happen,

 through this Artful rendering 

[We] are mutually inhab[it]ing in y[our] own Freespace...

In the NOW


[ We ]


It is Time to Awaken...


4D Earth


Seven Hermetic Principles


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Stay timeless

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